Hello All,

Welcome to the Africa Study Abroad Blog Page! Haley Tasiemski and Alyssa Jacobs will be posting updates, pictures and project info along the entire duration of the trip. We will be visiting four Southern African countries : South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe. Most of the trip will be out on safari, getting right out there with the wildlife. It's going to be an amazing trip!

Saturday, May 24, 2014


Currently we are chatting with another drifters guest, who did the botswana tour. He is an environmental scientist from Australia. Next. Trip maybe.? :) 

Nata and Maun

 We stayed at Maun and Nata in Botswana for a while. At Nata we visited a peace core volunteer, Anna Lise, who gave us a ton of info about the program. We might have a few new volunteers in the future. We also lost our second soccer game, to some neighborhood kids in Nata after we gave our books and crafts supplies to Anna Lise. 


Botswana has been interesting. We camped out In the delta for two days, roughing it. To get to the island we stayed at we trucked down a dirt road, hopped in a motorboat downriver for two hours, jumped in another open air truck for an hour and finally loaded into the native Wooden makoros, with polers who took us across the swampy portion of the delta to our little island. We visited a few other little islands and cruised around in makoros for our two days, with hippos and elephants walking through our camp at night. It was definitely an experience. 


We have officially been to four countries now! After an amazing game drive through Chobe National Park, where we saw lions, elephants, impala, puku, sable, waterbuck, giraffes, hippos, and tons more. Our cameras were going crazy! 
     After Chobe, we crossed over into Zimbabwe, where we are excited to see Victoria Falls later today. The market is going to be under invasion as well- many of us are bartering away clothing and other extras!