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Welcome to the Africa Study Abroad Blog Page! Haley Tasiemski and Alyssa Jacobs will be posting updates, pictures and project info along the entire duration of the trip. We will be visiting four Southern African countries : South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe. Most of the trip will be out on safari, getting right out there with the wildlife. It's going to be an amazing trip!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Big Daddy- The now officially tallest sand dune in the world

We left Drifter's to drive to Soussvlei, home of the beautiful red sand dunes in the Namib Desert. We embarked on 368 meter journey up Big Daddy. Although it was EXTREMELY hot out and the hike through sand was difficult, our whole crew preserved and made it to the top of what we thought was the tallest sand dune in the world (we later found out it wasn't, but decided that since we climbed it we could say it was the tallest). We then ran down the side of the sand dune, which was quite a sight to watch/do. A few people flew down the dune while others (Chris, our chaperone) face planted; we all laughed including Chris. Afterwards we walked through deadvlei, and area that once had water flowing through it but now is desolate and has remains of Camel Thorn trees strewn about. We all trucked back on to the truck, exhausted, and drove to the Agama campsite. Dinner was delicious, lamb stew with dumplings and cheesy veggies on the side. We camped under the stars and enjoyed our last night in the desert. 

Drifter's Game Reserve- Desert Camp

After leaving Felix Unite we drove to Fish River Canyon and had a beautiful photo op! After our brief visit there we drove to Drifter's Game reserve in the Namib Desert. We set up tents and slept well after a long day of driving and canoeing the day before. The next day we set out on a hike with our guide, Albert, who taught us about many of the adaptions the flora and fauna use to survive in the harsh desert environment. After the hike we all took the afternoon to relax and hang out. In the evening we got on an open air vehicle and took an evening/night game drive where we observed aardwolf, bat eared foxes, jackles, giraffe, scrub hare, and gemsbok. We took a brief break to enjoy the sundown with apples, crackers,cheese and syrup (which is a surprisingly delicious combo!), this little impromptu snack is called a sun setter. After our game drive we drove to camp and ate dinner and again slept extremely well. 

Fish River Canyon Panorama 

Eating off the truck during the sun setter